Thessaloniki, 04/12/2023

In the context of the Fashion Employment Hub project, GNOSI DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING I.K.E. on behalf of K.D.V.M. REGION OF CENTRAL MACEDONIA has undertaken the implementation of support services for young fashion designers and professionals.

More specifically, the action concerns the operation of the Fashion Employment Hub to provide advisory support services to young fashion designers and professionals on issues such as: the connection of fashion with cultural heritage, technological tools used in the fashion industry, design and the development of new fashion trends.

In particular, within the framework of the operation of the Hub, three (3) rounds of sessions were held, each with a different thematic section, via the zoom teleconferencing platform. The duration of counseling in each round of sessions amounted to 3 hours. The action benefited a total of 122 people who were fashion graduates, young designers and entrepreneurs, as well as start-ups active in the fashion sector based or branched in the eligible cross-border area and in need of support through the implementation of remote counseling sessions, in specialized issues related to the fashion industry.

The first round of sessions was implemented on 23/11/2023 and 50 people participated. The thematic section consisted of the connection of fashion with cultural heritage and the speaker was Dr. Mr. Nikolaos Mykoniatis, Art Historian.

In the second cycle of sessions, which was implemented on 24/11/2023, 43 people participated. During the session in question, Ms. Eliana Dimitrakopoulou, Fashion Designer – Modelist presented the technological tools that can be used in fashion.

Finally, the third cycle of sessions was implemented on 27/11/2023 and 29 beneficiaries participated. The thematic section of the third session consisted of the design and development of new fashion trends and the speaker was Ms. Venetia Koutsou, Fashion Designer – Lecturer of Applications International University of Greece (DI.PA.E.).

It is noted that the Fashion Employment Hub project concerns the creation of a fashion center, which constitutes a hub of cross-border character and impact, offering integrated and innovative support services, tools and knowledge to professionals and prospective fashion entrepreneurs. The ambition of the project partners is for the Fashion Employment Hub to act as a hub of attraction for all stakeholders involved in the fashion industry, providing them with new training skills and specialized professional competencies. In addition, the Fashion Employment Hub project contributes to the exchange of innovative ideas and sustainable methods, strengthening know-how transfer methods and promoting creative thinking and development.

The ultimate goal of the project is the formation of a cross-border fashion center that constitutes a support mechanism for SMEs in the fashion-related sectors.

The Fashion Employment Hub Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national resources of the participating countries in the Operational Program INTERREG IPA CBC “Greece-Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020”.

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